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If you’d like to avoid drugs and minimize medical interventions during delivery, natural childbirth might be ideal for you. The obstetric team at RPW Obstetrics and Gynecology supports your choice to deliver your child on your own terms. You can discuss your birth plan during a visit to one of their locations in Elmhurst, Addison, Westchester, Oak Park, and Hinsdale, Illinois. location. Get the caring, supportive delivery you deserve by calling today or booking a consultation online.

Natural Childbirth Q & A

What is natural childbirth?

Natural childbirth is childbirth with little or no medical intervention. Natural childbirth puts you in control of your body, which can make the birth experience rewarding and empowering. 

Opting for this form of childbirth is akin to letting nature take its course, but natural childbirth isn’t advisable for everyone. This “low tech” form of childbirth can be an option for women with low-risk pregnancies. 

If you’re interested in limiting or forgoing medications or medical interventions during labor, your OB/GYN at RPW Obstetrics and Gynecology discusses your options for natural childbirth when you come in for a prenatal appointment. Their motto is, “Childbirth the way you want it. Expertise when you need it.™”

Where do I have a natural childbirth?

The team at RPW Obstetrics and Gynecology generally recommends natural childbirth at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. Your family is welcome to join you in your room, along with a private labor coach or doula, if you choose to use one. 

If not, Elmhurst Memorial Hospital offers a labor coach, who is a licensed obstetrics nurse. Studies show that continuous emotional support during labor, such as from a labor coach or doula, is associated with healthier moms and babies.

What is labor like during natural childbirth?

Your and your obstetrician discuss your birth plan, which guides the labor process. You can make your surroundings comfortable in your delivery room by playing music and using aromatherapy. If your labor is progressing normally, you’re welcome to walk around and move normally. 

Your obstetrician monitors your baby during labor. They typically recommend an IV to make sure you remain hydrated. If you wish, you can have something called a saline lock on the IV, which frees you from being hooked up to a lot of tubing.

The team at RPW Obstetrics and Gynecology does not do routine episiotomies. They prefer to allow vaginal stretching and other techniques to reduce tears or have them occur naturally. They also forgo the use of vacuums or forceps, and, instead, when medically necessary, use their expertise with these devices.

Your doctor is happy to allow pushing in a variety of positions, including hands-and-knees, on your side, squatting or on your back.

In some cases, your obstetrician recommends oxytocin for medical reasons, but not to hurry your labor along. 

How do I manage pain during natural childbirth?

The team at RPW Obstetrics and Gynecology wants you to be comfortable during labor and respects your wishes. If you prefer no medication, they fully support you. They discuss breathing techniques or hypnosis, which can be very helpful, especially if practiced prior to labor.

Your labor room has a warm shower to help with pain management. Some rooms also feature whirlpool tubs to labor in if your labor is normal.

If you’re interested in exploring natural childbirth, the caring team at RPW Obstetrics and Gynecology supports your choice. Discuss your options with them by calling or booking a consultation online.